Hat (The Seashell Flapper Cap)



Product Description

The seashell flapper is made of chunky acrylic yarn, guaranteed to keep you warm when the weather is frigid! It's very flirtatious in its' own right..Trimmed in turquoise and seafoam pom poms. You'll find a flirty "tail"
of pom poms hanging down the side, just flickering in the breeze and whispering against your cheek.

This flapper is suited for almost any circumferenced head from a small to an adult large. I'm sure a teenager would'nt mind borrowing it either.

Enjoy this flapper to the fullest...It was created in a smoke-free environment and lovingly crocheted for the right person.

Hat (The Seashell Flapper Cap) Hat (The Seashell Flapper Cap) Hat (The Seashell Flapper Cap)